Praising God’s Name – For Real

Broken to Healing to Transformed

Jagged edges
Laying raw
Contents burst
Splattered around
Perfection created
Broken apart
The culprit
Snickering maliciously

Eden ruined

Eternal DNA
Broken heart
Excruciating sadness
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Wrestling for My Happy Place

Sitting on my back deck, summer, coffee, flowers and color.  

I am a huge fan of summer.

Even on the hottest days, I find something comforting about it.

Here in … Read the rest

Our Hero’s Great Rescue

Paradise peeked through clouds to announce His birth
Unkempt outsiders first acknowledged His worth
Son of Eternal One and humble virgin was He
Cloaked in earth’s dust and clay and … Read the rest

Holy Week – It All Comes Down to This

Revisiting my psalm for Easter week.

Our Souls by loneliness and fear enslaved

Indulged in all we grasped for and craved

Unable to see Love before our eyes

Seduced we Read the rest

The Weight of Ongoing Battle

Day 6 of war in Ukraine by Russian attack.

Ukranian citizens on high alert at all times.

Whatever normal was one week ago, it’s gone.

Can you imagine a sudden … Read the rest

Enemy Intent – psalm of reminder for 2022

2022   –    Faith    –     Real Life    –    Real Joys    –    Real Hardships    –     Intertwined     –    REMEMBER:



the ENEMY comes


                    truth   whispering lies

distorting perceptions

parading counterfeit

masquerading … Read the rest