Live, Love, Obey God, Celebrate.


[excerpt from Life In Psalm]

Let us dance in the freedom

God granted when he pardoned our souls.

Let us embrace and kiss one another

             to express gratitude for Read the rest

Speed Bumps Happen

I’m lost in my thoughts.

Churning through conversations, to-do’s, prayers.

My mobile space is filled with radio babble.

My eyes are seeing over the steering wheel out onto the street,… Read the rest

Book Reviews are Coming In!

Friends and Readers – I LOVE YOU!

Reviews are coming in on and there is truly no greater blessing than to know that God uses words He’s given me,

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A Safe Place for Joy


The news is NOT good.

If I hear of one more child shot and killed in Chicago, I may be sick.

That will probably be tonight.

I’m struck by … Read the rest

I’m Still Here!

Psalms in the Bible exuberantly declare with joy the wonders of our Creator’s love, compassion and rescue.

There are also Psalms that lament sin and suffering.

If I were to … Read the rest

In, Out and Around Comfort Zones

Current temperature outside: 13 F, Real feel: -4 !
Here I sit on my comfy couch, fuzzy socks with fuzzy lined slippers keeping my toes toasty, blanket on my lap,
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Grace for a Friday

Do you dress yourself in Grace?

Not just literally like me wearing this tee from Christian Oasis Apparel.  

But intentionally, spiritually, mentally?

If we all clothed … Read the rest

Book Launch Event – YOU are invited!!

Friends… I would LOVE to see you on February 4th in Geneva, IL for my

Open House Book Launch Event!    AT

Grahams 318

318 S Third St, Geneva IL 60134… Read the rest

Enemy Intent – psalm of reminder for 2022

2022   –    Faith    –     Real Life    –    Real Joys    –    Real Hardships    –     Intertwined     –    REMEMBER:



the ENEMY comes


                    truth   whispering lies

distorting perceptions

parading counterfeit

masquerading … Read the rest

Poet In Motion – Part II

This is it.

The last day of 2021.

I have officially gone bankrupt.

In our annual family holiday Monopoly game that is.


One fun fact that became true of … Read the rest