How Your POV Can Change from Condemnation to Freedom

Our church’s Lenten text this year is the Bible book of Romans.

I love this book.

My brain gets all buzzy on the spiritual/intellectual thrill ride of it.

Until the

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Lent Reflections 2023: Tirelessly Pursued

let us seek life eternal

let yourself be redeemed
allow forgiveness to free you
allow your pardon to be applied
you are purely loved
you have been tirelessly pursued
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Lent Reflections 2023: How Did I Get HERE?


LET US   examine  our  ways   and   test   them,  and  LET US    return to   the LORD.     Lamentations 3:40

Orangy-red dust seeped into the fabric of my white Nikes, and a … Read the rest

How This Day of LENT Finds Us

How is YOUR heart today

as you step

(or jump headlong, or tiptoe tentatively)

into LENT?

Does this day feel lonely?









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Live in the Moment of Life As Is

Under the same roof

     we bump into each other’s moods,
          trip over each other’s selfishness,
               startle each other when lost deeply in thought,
                     hide from one another when overwhelmed by
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Broken to Healing to Transformed

Jagged edges
Laying raw
Contents burst
Splattered around
Perfection created
Broken apart
The culprit
Snickering maliciously

Eden ruined

Eternal DNA
Broken heart
Excruciating sadness
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Ooops – she did it again!

Hey friends… I’m not stalking your inbox.


I didn’t change my post notification page before sending out my last post.

It’s not January anymore!

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Do All Words Really Matter?

What is YOUR favorite word?

Kind of an unusual question, right?

Can there be such a thing?  A favorite WORD?

But think about it… there are single words that
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What Happens in Your Mind At Night?

Body still.

Only my breathing

Enveloped by silence.

Eyes shut.

Yet actively spectating

With critical evaluation.

Room empty.

Alone in crowd

Of voices inside.

Conversations replay.

Repeatedly taunt and

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What a Mind Refresh Looks Like

Life includes unbelievably hard times.

This is true for everyone.

God is good and present and active.

This has always been true.

We weep and lament AND we laugh and … Read the rest