The Reset Button

Ready, Set, Keep Running!

excerpt from Life In Psalm : Live Where Faith and Your Story Intersect:

As Your chosen ambassadors and servants

We have been set apart

Equipped with Your armor for battleRead the rest

Enjoy the Random – Smiles and Encouragement


It can feel like a wild ride, this life.

Joy and sorrow can exist and be triggered within the same 60 seconds of a day.

Endearment watching the sweet … Read the rest

The Joy of Random Thoughts

Today – random challenge:  r u TRULY an 80’s fan?


animated beat accompanies daily life 

even angst dances through its rife

synthesizer innovations welcoming the world

to new Read the rest

What Freedom In Action Looks Like

Freedom allows Your Spirit to teach us to love each other deeply

Freedom allows Your Spirit to open us to receive love

Freedom allows Your Spirit to heal our mind Read the rest

What Freedom’s Relief Looks like

Part 2 of 3

Freedom from the slavery of self

Freedom from the claustrophobia of addiction

Freedom from the pressure of constant acting

Freedom from the frenetic desire to be … Read the rest

How True Freedom Plays Out

In confession and repentance there is freedom 

In submission and humility there is freedom

In weakness and lack of control there is freedom

In tears and brokenness there is freedomRead the rest

How Love + Freedom = Sacrifice

See these people?

All friends for 20-ish years.

If we are lucky, we all meet together once a year.   Like this past weekend.

What a privilege to gather freely and … Read the rest

Warm Breeze of Summer

Wrestling for My Happy Place

Sitting on my back deck, summer, coffee, flowers and color.  

I am a huge fan of summer.

Even on the hottest days, I find something comforting about it.

Here in … Read the rest