Welcome!  I am thrilled to invite you into my space, Life In Psalm.

Look around. Take a deep breath. You are safe here.

I’m Andrea.

In my late 20’s, a conference I’d attended handed out half-size three ring binders with loose pages inside, divided by tabs.  The title on the binder was “My Prayer Journal”.  I started filling up the pages, and began to notice that my words combined praise and petition together,  thus jumpstarting my collection of original modern psalms.

Various travels, relationship investments and ministry experiences over the years have led me to hear many life stories and tales of the heart, both at home and abroad. Consequently, I’ve learned that there is wisdom and beauty to be shared from the spiritual transformation and growth that emerges from suffering and from living life with others.  When processing a life event, a difficult circumstance, a heart-wrenching true story or an inspiring sermon, I’m compelled to find a quiet spot to write out what is churning inside.  Life In Psalm, my recently released book,  collects 52 of my prayer poems and invites you to identify and articulate your story and where it can intersect with faith in  God.

I love Him. Yahweh (His most sacred name).   I ache for you to love Him too.

You can keep up with my Life In Psalm blog here at www.lifeinpsalm.com and you can explore my  creations of charcoal/pencil portrait drawings at www.simplyhisstudiollc.com.