Exploring Lenten Confession

Oh God
My only true Lord
I weary of wanting You yet chasing other things
I tire of words from my lips not matched by my actions
I cannot bear to hear my confession of negligence repeated
I am frustrated and stuck in the mire of my lazy faithless ways
Oh God
My only true Lord
I cry out to You to rescue me from my foolish entanglement
I want You because you are worthy of being fully wanted
I desire to praise You in word and deed to protect the glory of Your Name
I ache for freedom in obedience because You have freely forgiven
Oh God
My only true Lord
Thank You for granting faith to one such as me
Thank You for forgiving this wayward child
Thank You for transforming me patiently
Thank You for trusting me as a steward of Your love
(Confession p18,  Life In Psalm – Live Where Faith and Your Story Intersect)


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