Exploring Lenten Confession

Oh God
My only true Lord
I weary of wanting You yet chasing other things
I tire of words from my lips not matched by my actions
I cannot bear
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Explore Lent’s Personal Meaning

When someone mentions LENT

What words come to your mind?

Which emotions rise up? 

Is wrestling within your soul triggered?

There is no rush to come conclusions. 

Slow yourself a

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what happens to mama tears?

Recently I’ve reflected a bit on the duality of an infinitely, purely good God and the insidious, sneaky evil that simultaneously exist.

Innocent battered about.

Curiosity deceived.

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Friends of Life In Psalm – Guess What?

Hello friends.

Guess what?  I AM alive and ready to engage again.

Thanks for checking back in.

I’ve been gone a while.

This past year has been a bit of … Read the rest