How Your POV Can Change from Condemnation to Freedom

Our church’s Lenten text this year is the Bible book of Romans.

I love this book.

My brain gets all buzzy on the spiritual/intellectual thrill ride of it.

Until the ride gets rather bumpy in chapters 6 and 7.

Suddenly the theology of why I need Jesus takes me to a dark and clammy place.

I am not good at reflecting and repenting with solemn intention.

A cue is what I need.

Hence, Lent and why I must choose to observe it.


I am a freakin’ mess.

No longer can my mind be stimulated by words in Romans and remain distant from my conscience and heart.

My deepest self must feel the weight of my inadequacy to make myself acceptable to God.

Shoot, I can’t even do Lent right.

Missing daily readings, failure to pray as needed, weak in leading our kids, and on and on.

Imagination now takes me to some far corner, rocking in a fetal position awaiting God’s wrath.


Romans 8!


I am no longer condemned.

I am free.

I am adopted into the heavenly Father’s family.

Christ intercedes for me.

God’s Spirit accompanies me through life.

Nothing can separate me from His love.

By faith in the Son who paid it all to set me free, I am free indeed.

The blackest backdrop of my sin makes His effort and sacrifice to redeem me shine like purest diamonds.

He did it!


I reflect and repent without the expectation of condemnation.

Now the expectation is transformation.

Jesus loves me.

This I know.

My sin was scarlet.

He made it white as snow.

2 Comments on “How Your POV Can Change from Condemnation to Freedom

  1. I always enjoy your writings but this one spoke to me in such a personal way. I am super caught up in “busyness” lately and have been having such a hard time praying and not letting my mind wander somewhere else-places other than with God and definitely places it shouldn’t be spending so much time. This was a good reminder for me that God knows my imperfections and I can ditch the shame and rejoice in my salvation. Thanks for sharing!!!!!

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