Lent Reflections 2023: How Did I Get HERE?


LET US   examine  our  ways   and   test   them,  and  LET US    return to   the LORD.     Lamentations 3:40

Orangy-red dust seeped into the fabric of my white Nikes, and a passing thought about how glad I am for modern washing machines interrupts my attention from the animated conversation. Hundreds of miles away from winter, the four of us gals in Sedona hike and chat and laugh and discuss things only appropriate within our weekend getaway circle.  At one point, we stop, and look around.  Alerted by unfamiliarity and lack of a clear-cut path, we chuckle, saying,    “ummm, I’m not sure we’re still on the right trail.”  We’re not really lost – we know (or, we think we know) how to meet back up with the original path.  Seeing a few heads bobbing nearby, we scramble down some gravel and mini-boulders, landing our feet on the smooth soil route that will get us back to the car when we’re ready.

Lent seems a bit like that to me.  I’m walking along the pathway of my life with all the beauty and barriers that pop up along the way, and I realize on Ash Wednesday that, ummm, perhaps I’m not walking on the path I thought I was on.

Let us examine our ways...” – halt the pace for a sec, and take a look around.

“…and test them...” – am I in the right place?  If not, what do I need to do now?  If I wasn’t already on His path for me, but I thought I was, where was I?  How did I get HERE?

“…Let us return to the Lord.


Chances are, I was just trudging along, noticing the dirt on my shoes and caught up in the whirlwind of life that accompanies this journey, not having paid proper attention to the signposts and/or His voice in the lead.

Right now in this moment it is good to examine where I am and reflect on how I got here.

Right now in this moment it is good to determine where I need to be.

Right now in this moment it is good to do whatever it takes to return to the path meant for me.

Right now in this moment it is the LORD I need as my Guide.

Right now in this moment it is good to embrace Lent.

Right now

in this moment

in this time and space

it is good to return to the path

He has marked out for me and leads me gently on.

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