What Happens in Your Mind At Night?

Body still.

Only my breathing

Enveloped by silence.

Eyes shut.

Yet actively spectating

With critical evaluation.

Room empty.

Alone in crowd

Of voices inside.

Conversations replay.

Repeatedly taunt and

Lure toward condemnation.

Future projection.

Inward effort mastering 

Discussion test-runs.

Stern instructions.

Brain power juggling

Image management scenarios. 

Rebuking whispers.

Expectations failed and

Imposter syndrome accusations.

Background echoes.

Truths and lies

Wrestling for dominance.

Creeping exhaustion. 

Warring for soul

Begging for peace. 

Internal struggle.

Mind and body

Desperately seeking control.

An outcry.

Screaming a plea

For trustworthy authority.

Blanketing hush.

The Presence acknowledged

Tamping down chaos.

Father Master.

His terrifying goodness

Orders inner atmosphere.

His Word. 

Powder keg against

Relentless accusatory arrows.

His Spirit.

Severing deceit’s stranglehold

Enabling powerful transformation.

Lord murmurs.

Repentance begets forgiveness’

Love endurance forever.

Thoughts settle.

Song mingles with

Sacred text meditation. 

Eyes relax.

Peace and hope

Infuse whole self. 

Body rests.

Floating in grace

To sweet sleep.

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