What Happens in Your Mind At Night?

Body still.

Only my breathing

Enveloped by silence.

Eyes shut.

Yet actively spectating

With critical evaluation.

Room empty.

Alone in crowd

Of voices inside.

Conversations replay.

Repeatedly taunt and

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What a Mind Refresh Looks Like

Life includes unbelievably hard times.

This is true for everyone.

God is good and present and active.

This has always been true.

We weep and lament AND we laugh and … Read the rest

How To Visualize Goals for the Year

In the event that your mind holds on to concepts better if you can SEE them somehow, then take your creative self and make a visual of those goals for … Read the rest

What Do You Want To Accomplish This Year?

The last calendar page of 2022 has been flipped and I’m staring square on at the first month of 2023.

A question has been posed:

What Do You Want Read the rest