Ready, Set, Keep Running!

Life’s Race Running Partners (photo: @hawaimages)

excerpt from Life In Psalm : Live Where Faith and Your Story Intersect:

As Your chosen ambassadors and servants

We have been set apart

Equipped with Your armor for battle

Against the devil’s schemes and unseen forces

To take our stand and be found standing after all

So, my husband (JJ) and I did a thing.

He is no longer the Director of Energy Efficiency at Southern Company Nicor Gas.

I am no longer a full time stay-home mom.

From the place in the race where we each were, while God continued to run alongside us, He steered us onto a route different than we expected toward the finish line He’s drawn for us.

JJ is now our church’s full time International Impact Pastor, managing and developing our international partnerships in the Gospel in Bangladesh, Brazin, Czech Republic, Haiti, Nicaragua and Sierra Leone.

In mid-August, I started at our church as the bookstore manager, administrating our ability to offer discipleship materials and relational connection opportunities.

New direction, same race.  We just keep runnin’.

Which makes OUR “normal” September take on somewhat of a new look from now on.

We are making schedule adjustments, lifestyle shifts, managing the on-going forward motion of life with our two teens and their own developing journeys, tweaking our married-life routine as a couple, and reframing how we engage with our extended family, friends and neighbors with our new roles’ differing work hours.  Whew!

Even so…


We are humbled, thrilled, energized, awed, and deeply grateful.

When was the last time YOU encountered life changes and how did YOU handle them?

As you look back at those times, what are the aspects that have been most memorable and treasured to you?

I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts…

Meanwhile friends, together, “let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us…” and cheer each other on with prayer and words of encouragement!




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