Enjoy the Random – Smiles and Encouragement


It can feel like a wild ride, this life.

Joy and sorrow can exist and be triggered within the same 60 seconds of a day.

Endearment watching the sweet friendships of our teens while simultaneously aching as parents age and endure daily little losses.

High and lows we walk through with each other.

Laboring in prayer through my and others’ HARD.

For me…the extra space of summertime outdoors helps.

So do those unforeseen moments of something that creates an involuntary smile or chuckle, or the comfort and relief of another person’s  vulnerability that reminds me I am not an oddity in my experiences.  Worship songs that let the steam of stress leak away in remembrance that God is loving and trustworthy.

On that note, I hope the following dissipates your day’s intensity

I want to be like her when I’m that age!



I know I’m not alone!



Creative invention is sweet – I love this.



I knowingly Chuckle!😆

READ THIS!  You know this, but do you??  Good article!:


FINALLY, L I S T E N…. Soak in the healing, spiritual truth of this song.  🎶You won’t be sorry you clicked the link below the picture:





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