The Joy of Random Thoughts

Today – random challenge:  r u TRULY an 80’s fan?


animated beat accompanies daily life 

even angst dances through its rife

synthesizer innovations welcoming the world

to new heights gained on hair glue ‘dos

subtlety swallowed by glaring neon hues

to occupy hearts by off screen routine gnarled

big never ending story of ferris buellers day off

from indy searching for the lost ark

back to the future so e.t. can phone home 

in time for breakfast club with the princess bride

to stand by me while on top gun’s wings we ride

footloose from the karate kid dirty dancing to fame

dont stop believing girls just wanna have fun

all night long while africa is walking on sun-

shine dancing in the dark free fallin’ to kokomo

to take on me cuz wanna be starting something 

livin’ on a prayer remembering summer of 69

can’t fight this feeling cuz I love rock n roll

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