With Whom Are You Safe?

In my book, Life In Psalm, I have a psalm about friendship.

Good friendships observed inspire us.

Coming out of an isolating pandemic, some people are struggling relationally.

We live in a world that’s different from the eras of the greatest friendships we’ve read about.

So, there are some wise and fun folk out there helping us hit the reset button on genuine friendships.

Amy Weatherly and Jess Johnston are a couple of them.

Their book I’ll Be There (But I’ll Be Wearing Sweatpants) is funny, empathetic, refreshing and truth-telling

helping us course-correct as we strengthen living life with our people.

Our truest friends don’t require us to image manage, hide our struggles or our laundry, or be fake.

That’s how too many of us operate and it’s silly and exhausting.

I am currently enjoying listening to this book via Audible, and realize how blessed I am with the friendships in my life.

How about you?

Do you have friends you are your truest self with?  Friendships you are secure enough in to weather conflict?  Friends  who  you give yourself to and who give of themselves to you?  Friends you can pray with, pray for and request prayer from?

If not, or if your friend life has come to feel flat, don’t be discouraged.  Reach out.  Pick up a copy of this book and be open to suggestions.

My psalm on friendship in my next post.


Grateful to have found creative ways during the pandemic to maintain friendships!


PS – the book itself:

6 Comments on “With Whom Are You Safe?

  1. So true Andrea! The part about not hiding your struggles made me think of you and a few other friends-grateful for authentic friendships in a world that isn’t.

  2. I think you are so spot-on about coming out of this Pandemic…time to re-engage with old friends, and make some new ones too!!!

    • I heard someone on the radio say recently that hard times can also turn into opportunities. We are in the opportunity-making season, I think!

  3. Coming out of the pandemic has definitely been challenging but it is a good time to realize who you want to spend your time with. I especially liked the quote above about going in somewhere feeling great and leaving feeling like you need to change yourself.

    • Indeed! It’s good to figure out “your” people, know who you can trust and be yourself with so that TOGETHER we are light to those around us!

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