Holy Week – It All Comes Down to This

Revisiting my psalm for Easter week.

Our Souls by loneliness and fear enslaved

Indulged in all we grasped for and craved

Unable to see Love before our eyes

Seduced we were by the father of lies

Wasting away from our lust and desire

Being swallowed to hell, sucked into filth and mire

And when the enemy thought success was sure

An eternity of aloneness and regret secured

Boasting triumph over we fools unaware of our fate

Nearly condemned forever to hell’s locked gate

Our Hero of heaven in the form of a man

Snuck into our midst with an unexpected plan

Paradise peeked through clouds to announce His birth

Unkempt outsiders first acknowledged His worth

Son of Eternal One and humble virgin was He

 Cloaked in earth’s dust and clay and poverty

Hidden in plain sight till time was just right

For the next phase of rescue from our sin-corrupt plight

… (to be continued on Good Friday)

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