Living Our Purpose in These Days

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Recently, I attended a women’s conference in Dallas and one speaker was Christine Caine who, “together with her husband, Nick… founded the anti-human trafficking organization, The A21 Campaign“. ( )

She delivered a wonderful message, but with my mind somewhat distracted by the Ukranian’s suffering under Russia’s vicious and brutal hostility, these are the words that stuck in my mind:

God has called us in our generation, to our generation, for our generation.   …

We could be people who think,

“God, why are we on the earth at this hour?”

We are on the earth at this hour

and all of us around the world

who are not currently in Russia or Ukraine

are the part of the church 

who are to pray in this hour,

to believe in this hour,

to contend for our brothers and sisters.

…It’s been a challenging few years

And it feels like

Will it ever end?

I don’t know if it will ever end, 

But I can tell you this much,

We were born for this moment.”

Alluding to Acts 17:26,27 (one of my favorite Bible passages), Christine reinforces for us the truth of God that our existence in THIS time and place is the product of the genius wisdom of our good God.  He is actively continuing to combine His individual masterpieces (you and I and all His children) and our respective strategic good works planned in advance by Him (Ephesians 2:10) intentionally into further construction of His eternal Kingdom.  We are each entrusted with critical skills, spiritual gifts and common tasks (prayer, serving, etc) and are called to be trusting and faithful.

May it be so.



Until He determines our assignments are complete on this earth.

We are created with purpose.

Thank You Lord.


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