Friday Favs and Raves! “Politically Homeless”? ~TPO

BBC, FNC, CNN, AP, REUTERS … news pours into us from these sources every hour.

These days, they have little to report that is encouraging or just simply presented without skewed biases.

What IF you could have an objective, concise summary of the latest news, sprinkled with a little humor AND boldly gentle reminders that God is still present and trustworthy?

Not possible, right?

WRONG!!  And I’m happy to say it.

My fingers stumbled upon THE POUR OVER during an Instagram scroll (see a couple of their Insta ads below), and upon checking them out, I IMMEDIATELY signed up for their M, W, F email delivery of the latest news to my inbox.  When the news itself sets my emotions all a-whirl, THE POUR OVER offers sweet Biblical reminders that in God there is no need to despair.  Without cheeziness, and without providing editorial comments on the news itself.


You can sign up for free!  If you love it, you can choose to donate to this service and/or you can send friends a referral code to allow them to sign up.  If your friends sign up, YOU get to earn free merch!

YOU can sign up with this code, and then you’ll see your own personal code at the bottom of your next THE POUR OVER email that comes to you 😊😎:

If I get 7 more referrals I earn a mug!  Prizes are so fun!  Help me?    

Happy Friday!!

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