S.O.S. – Refreshment Needed!

IV Vitamin Infusion therapy fascinates me.  Aimed at boosting the body’s hydration, restoration and immune system, a session of letting extra vitamins and nutrients course through a needle into someone’s veins to pass through their whole body to strengthen and invigorate them seems kinda cool.  I’m not sure I can justify the expense when I KNOW I can be more intentional to get such nourishment by choosing the right foods to eat.  When  I consider the poverty stricken in this world who are happy to get more than one meal of WHATEVER is available in their belly, the thought of spending valuable resources for an IV fix makes me shudder at the thought.

Spiritually speaking, too, a women’s conference with engaging worship of God together and relevant, deftly wielded Biblical teaching seems to be a bit of a luxury when my local faith community and God’s Word in several locations throughout my house can provide all I need to spiritually thrive.  However, for about the same price as an IV Vitamin Infusion, I did go ahead and splurge with two friends to head to Dallas to attend IF:Gathering 2022.

My spirit was pumped with several applications of God’s Word speaking truth into my life, my heart, my soul.  Having come through the 2020 pandemic, daily coaching our teens through these crazy times and pressures,  and processing the horror of Russia’s unjustified and brutal attack of Ukrainians, my ability to sort through the fog swirling inside me was weakening.  I wasn’t even aware of how needy my soul has been of encouragement by the teaching of God through servants willing to be honest vessels of His pointed truth and never-ending compassion.  Not to mention the meditative experience of standing like a speck among 3000 women’s voices singing out in desperate adoration of our good God.  It was like a soul-absorbing deep tissue massage.

Primary Topic:  Truth vs Lies.

Complimentary Topic:  Covenant Community

Even in pain. Even in disillusionment.  Even in brokenness.  Even in joy.  Even in laughter.

Here’s a few peeks.  (for more check out:  https://watch.if2022.com/ Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/ifgathering/

Worship together:

Ann Voskamp:

   “God’s enemy often plays Two Truths and A Lie with us.  He whispers to us two things that are true, then whispers in one lie that, because of the two truths, SEEMS to be true.  And we believe it.” (paraphrased quote)    Her teaching is SO relevant to today’s younger generation!

  I’m the blurry gal there, 4th from the right.  We got to have lunch with Jennie Allen, two of her friends and her daughter – panel discussion about friendship and community.  Jennie’s new book is “Find Your People”.


Home.  Reflecting yesterday with my coffee in my IF:Gathering mug while it snowed outside.

There SOOOOO much more I wish I had time to share here from the conference.  Nuggets of golden soul treasure.

I’ll share some more next time.

Meanwhile – I’m faced with my need.  I am born to NEED God and others.  This type of healthy need is OK.

For me and for you.

I need.

I need God.

I need family.

I need friends.

I need my friends.  

I need.

I need listening hearts.

I need truth in love.

I need hugs and laughs.

I need safety for tears.

I need.


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  1. Always enjoy reading your insights Andrea!!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

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