The Truth of the Matter: I’m Not a Pop Star


if you’re peeking over the fence from your “yard” to mine thinking the grass is greener over here – it’s NOT.

Just being real here.

(this is what my Read the rest

Living Our Purpose in These Days

(   Clothing ourselves in powerful truth.  Discount awaits you with ANDREA10 code)

Recently, I attended a women’s conference in Dallas and one speaker was Christine Caine who, “together with … Read the rest

Broken Beauty – Life In An Imperfect World

untitled image
Jagged edges
  Laying raw
      Contents burst
        Splattered around
            Perfection created
              Broken apart
                  The culprit
                   Snickering maliciously
                      Eden ruined
                        Eternal DNA
                            Broken heart
                              Excruciating sadness
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Friday Favs and Raves! “Politically Homeless”? ~TPO

BBC, FNC, CNN, AP, REUTERS … news pours into us from these sources every hour.

These days, they have little to report that is encouraging or just simply presented without … Read the rest

Needed Words for Your Inner Being

S.O.S. – Refreshment Needed!

IV Vitamin Infusion therapy fascinates me.  Aimed at boosting the body’s hydration, restoration and immune system, a session of letting extra vitamins and nutrients course through a needle into someone’s … Read the rest

The Weight of Ongoing Battle

Day 6 of war in Ukraine by Russian attack.

Ukranian citizens on high alert at all times.

Whatever normal was one week ago, it’s gone.

Can you imagine a sudden … Read the rest