Mission Monday – Psalm 1 Inspiration

Those who refuse Your bold advances of Love
Live to mock You and shame those who actively yearn for You
Those who refuse Your treasure of salvation
Live for an accumulation of wealth that will burn
Those who refuse Your gentle yet wise and firm ways
Live obsessed with a path of feckless vain pursuit
Ah…but sweet and fierce Lord
Those who desperately welcome Your life-giving Word
Live to press every word possible into their minds and hearts 
Those who frantically welcome Your grace and forgiveness
Live to bask in the relief of freedom from sin’s death-grip
Those who eagerly welcome Your nurture and guardianship
Live to honor You like a lush tree with the decadent fruit of eternal relationship
On this Monday, let’s sit for a sec.
Close your eyes.
Take in one deep and slow breath.
Hold it.
Let it out slowly.
Imagine your feet
Turning into roots
That sink down, down, down
Into the soil of faith and worship.
You feel steady and secured.
Imagine those roots
Nourishing your head and torso
Extending tall to display
The fruit of faithfulness and witness
Standing the test of time and trial.
All possible because Jesus’
Finished work on the cross
provides His Living Water
To flow in your veins and
Fuel your mission:
Maintain and Multiply.
Happy Monday!

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