Friday Favs and Raves

Modern Day Psalms – that’s what I write.

Thoughtful.   Emotive.  Simple.  Worshipful.  Honest.

Any reader of Life In Psalm certainly gets a glimpse into who I am by reading my faith poems.

Who I am beyond those pages, to those who aren’t actively living life with or near me, requires intentionality to reveal from time to time.

Every other Friday, I hope to share with my sweet blog-following friends some of my favorite things:

I may have just discovered something cool that week…

I may have just read a deeply provoking or surprisingly funny book…

I may have come across a meaningful post or quote…

I may have felt seen or heard when I’m feeling low and want to share how…

I may have laughed til I’ve nearly wet myself and want to share the positive endorphins…

I may have appreciated an article or encounter that was refreshingly relatable…

I may have been challenged to the core by someone’s keenly astute application of Scripture to daily life…

Who knows from week to week what it could be?  I don’t even know yet.

But that’s what those every-other-ish-Fridays will be about.

For today – and some of you may have already been beneficiaries of this little gem – I share from the world of mothering teens.

One aspect of my DNA you probably can’t detect from my book is my love of dry humor, and the sisterhood of mothers encountering the same wonder of our offspring growing up and the bone-headed antics we observe, pretty much daily.  So much material is regularly generated from our almost adult roommates for those knowing nods between moms, bewildered chuckles and closed-door laughing til we cry moments.

[And yes I know, sometimes it’s just cry moments, but today we’ll focus on the humor.] 

There is a Facebook site of solidarity to help lessen the exasperation:

If your teen’s oblivion to everything you’ve taught them has brought you to the brink of insanity, Teenager Pro Tips will alleviate the inner tension a bit and let you laugh at this passing phase.

Here are a few of my favs:

There….feeling any better?

And guess what? THERE’S MERCH!

Check it out:

No…I don’t get anything from TeenagerProTips in return for helping you discover them.
But, I do get the satisfaction of knowing a few more of you will be laughing with me in days ahead!😄💕

Happy Friday friends!


2 Comments on “Friday Favs and Raves

  1. I have felt recently being willing to say Hi to someone new, and strike up a conversation – it is so cool how we can create new and interesting relationships. Doing that at the gym in the mornings, I have connected with 2 guys (one from Lebanon, the other with his first new baby due in 7 months) over the past couple weeks. So interested to see how our intersecting paths might lead them to eternal questions they need to confront. Keeping eyes open and being a little outside your comfort zone sure make life interesting 🙂

    • My guess is you meant this comment for my previous post about God’s greatness and conversation starters, but given that we’re both living with craze-inducing teens, I can understand the mixup. 😉😄
      And in spite of all that, you continue to inspire me in your care for others and keeping your radar on for situations where someone might find what you know about God’s great love to be a lifesaver!❤️✝️

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