Live, Love, Obey God, Celebrate.


[excerpt from Life In Psalm]

Let us dance in the freedom

God granted when he pardoned our souls.

Let us embrace and kiss one another

             to express gratitude for His great gifts.

Let us grasp each other’s hand and

             stand face to face gazing at His wonders.

Let us celebrate our Lord God!

[photo: Hawa Images]

This past weekend, I was able to celebrate!

Some of you were there. THANK YOU!

Writing for the book was the easy part.

Pushing it over the finish line, because I knew in my heart God wanted me to follow His direction in this, required some reluctant obedience.

Once I committed to obeying His voice, the rest of the process fell fairly easily into place.

So, a book launch open-house style party was planned for this past Friday, February 4th.

I’m a writer, yet I struggle to find adequate words to express how deeply meaningful it was for me to see each person who walked into our lovely room at Graham’s 318 Coffeehouse in Geneva.

First, dearest friends got on a plane and travelled from Orange County, CA and Nashville, TN to be there.  Joined by our other close friend who lives 40 minutes from me.

Then, my closest friends locally not only came that night, but significantly helped me prepare for the event, lightening the burden and infusing their own creativity into the event.  It was amazing!  I’m bummed we didn’t get a picture together that night.  But, I love and value them dearly!

My husband was part of the festivities of course.  His constant love and support and belief in what God has for me is constant.  I am ever grateful and undeserving.

My teen kiddos came – and a few of their friends.  The completion of this book’s publication and celebrating it’s release has created an opportunity for them to hear stories they’d not yet heard from my life before they came along.  I love them.  I am touched by their genuine support and desire to be present with me during our celebration.

Other close friends and nearby neighbors joined us, some of whom I’ve not been able to connect with recently as much as in times past.

My heart swelled with emotion as a few gals I knew when they were teens as I mentored high school age gals in Chicago years ago (they are now in their 30’s – what?!) came.  It was truly a joy to see them.  It was cool to reconnect not only over “old times”, but also over continuing grief at the sudden loss, years ago, of our dear Carol Ann.  A psalm in my book is dedicated to her, and one gal told our guests Friday night of her fondest memories of Carol and read that psalm aloud.  Precious.

I was blessed by the surprise of several gals that I knew when I lived in the City – driving well over an hour on a cold, blustery, snowy night – who showed up with hugs, generous hearts and time to spare after the event over tacos.

People I don’t really know well even came.

God has things He wants to do in people’s hearts through my words AND His Words in Life In Psalm.  I will likely not be aware of much of that.  It’s His business.  However, I am humbled and honored that He would use me to express His love and extend His Spirit to draw souls He loves ever closer to Him.

THAT is worth celebrating!

Enjoy the pictures from night.

I am now off, back to my “every day life”, to take my kids to get glasses and take them out to brunch at a fav spot in town since they’ve had a surprise day off of school due to a change in state legislation over mask mandates.

6 Comments on “Live, Love, Obey God, Celebrate.

  1. A fun party to mark a milestone in this journey. So proud of you my lovely wife! And humbled by the support and love from friends from the past and present. I know this book will touch many people in a meaningful way.

  2. Honored to know you, to be impacted many times in lives by your words “fitly spoken like apples of gold in settings of silver”, to be there to launch those words into boom form. Love you!

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