Speed Bumps Happen

I’m lost in my thoughts.

Churning through conversations, to-do’s, prayers.

My mobile space is filled with radio babble.

My eyes are seeing over the steering wheel out onto the street,

But my mind is too preoccupied to connect image and actuality.



I’m shaken back into that very moment’s place and time.

THAT…was a speed bump I just rolled over.

I wasn’t speeding, so no harm came to my Renegade.

I am reminded, however, to keep my attention focused on this vehicle in motion.

Has that ever happened to you?  Or, something similar? Hopefully not worse.

Interrupting what seem like urgent thoughts

A sudden THUNK and brief moment of being airborne

Is a remembrance that there’s more than one thing happening at once.

I must shift the order in which I’m attending to them.

If my thoughts are all consuming, I may need to delay driving.

If I’m not in a position to disrupt the trajectory of my car,

My musings need to take a back seat (unintentional pun).

And so it goes in life in general.

Erupting from the swirl of tasks, duties, family, friendships

Come seen yet unseen emotional or relational (or both together) speed bumps.

Bumps encountered while in motion cannot be ignored.

Perhaps, as in driving, the signal is to slow down.

If the signal is missed,

It’s an alert that damage incurred needs to be repaired (emotionally or relationally).

Forgiveness must be sought or offered.

Sometimes, all motion needs to stop and a posture of prayer is desperately needed.

Whether I’m alert and see the bump coming

Or whether I’m preoccupied and therefore surprised when it bumps me,

That signal speaks.

What bumps do you see ahead, or have jarred you already, and what action are you called to in response?


RememberPsalm 34:17-19 :  The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them; He delivers them from all their troubles. 

The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.  The righteous person may have many troubles,

but the Lord delivers him from them all. 

Life In Psalm  (p 114)

So True

Isn’t it the truth?

Someone will fiercely hold you to a high standard while granting generous grace to themselves.

 [SPEED BUMP: conflict]

Isn’t it the truth?

Some days will fall apart at the seams no matter how organized and planned you’ve been.

[SPEED BUMP: thwarted control]

Isn’t it the truth?

Some people have a way of causing pain in the area of your heart you thought had been healed.

[SPEED BUMP: broken relationships]

Isn’t it the truth?

Sometimes those precious little ones you’d give your very life for uncover selfish impatience.

[SPEED BUMP: holding tight to schedule]

Isn’t it the truth?

Someone can unexpectedly change the way you have perceived them thus far.

[SPEED BUMP:  assumptions/prejudice]

Isn’t it the truth?

Some days don’t seem to have enough hours to meet the demands glaring at you.

[SPEED BUMP: time is finite]

Isn’t it the truth?

Some people will never understand you no matter how vulnerable and articulate you are.

[SPEED BUMP: heart wounds]

Isn’t it the truth?

Sometimes you fervently pray and believe, yet tragedy strikes and your heart is broken to bits.

[SPEED BUMP: faith redefined]

Isn’t it the truth?

Someone can make you laugh in the most inappropriate situation or moment.

[SPEED BUMP: circumstance sensitivity]

Isn’t it the truth?

Some days renew your trust in hope and love by sweet surprises that pop up.

[SPEED BUMP:  perspective]

Isn’t it the truth?

Some people inspire admiration and imitation in the way they accept, forgive or are resilient.

[SPEED BUMP: suffering]

Isn’t it the truth?

Sometimes you are just tired of rebelling or of image management and you finally surrender.

[SPEED BUMP: inflated self-importance]





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