I’m Still Here!

Psalms in the Bible exuberantly declare with joy the wonders of our Creator’s love, compassion and rescue.

There are also Psalms that lament sin and suffering.

If I were to write a modern psalm about my last week it would be in the tone of a knowing sigh 😔, face to face with an inevitable reality.  In my case, the inevitable reality is that these physical bodies are not meant to last forever and that efforts to maintain health with diet and exercise have limits in long term aging prevention.   You know that sound you hear at the dentist when the assistant scrapes your teeth with that wire hook during a cleaning?  I heard that same sound as I had an arthritic cyst removed from my index finger and the doc had to scrape the bone to get it all out.  Don’t worry…I didn’t feel a thing…til the next day.  Thank God for a helpful husband, independent kids, ice packs and extra strength Tylenol.  And then due to stubborn precancerous spots on my face, I underwent an intensive blue light treatment, meaning the next day I felt like someone had taken a blow torch to my skin, which I’d not been prepared for.  Even though these procedures remove some aging damage to restore mobility and health for a while, I am not so subtly reminded that I daily breathe the air of the temporal.  With each breath I take, I am closer to the day when this body’s use expires.   The increasing nuisances of this decaying frame remind me to keep an eternal perspective on my life’s legacy, to love well and be grateful for the rich relationships my life is graced with.

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    • I know, right?!
      Funny quote on the subject:
      “We could certainly slow the aging process down if it had to work its way through Congress.” will rodgers

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