Grace for a Friday

Do you dress yourself in Grace?

Not just literally like me wearing this tee from Christian Oasis Apparel.  

But intentionally, spiritually, mentally?

If we all clothed ourselves in grace to remind of us the TRUE SOURCE of grace as individuals, perhaps our society would not be so agitated and contentious.

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Meanwhile, consider that word GRACE.

Contemplate that word – GRACE.

Meditate on its meaning:  Generous, free and totally underserved Divine love and favor of God.

Grace is not just from God.  It is a part of Himself He shares with us.

From Life In Psalm:

Grace is who You are

Your identity is not separate from grace

Grace originates with You

Your supply of grace is more than its need

Grace is given because of You

Your generosity to grant grace doesn’t diminish

Grace comes from Your heart

Your desire is for grace to be received

Grace harmonizes all Your attributes

Your holiness is not compromised by bestowing grace

Grace exemplifies Your amazing patience

Your absolute forgiveness is undeserved

Grace reaches vilest offences through Jesus

Your redemption is the path of grace

Soak in it.

Live it.

2 Comments on “Grace for a Friday

  1. WOW! Now that was a great expression of God. I especially like “Grace harmonizes all Your attributes”. I took me alot of soaking to get my head around that one.

    I am a bit confused. Your email spoke of “what motivates you beyond your comfort zone”. Am I on the wrong page? Please have pity on a 70 year old, who only this once decided to follow a blog. If that is even how you phrase this.

    I am SO impressed with your writings.

    • Thanks for your thoughts Susan. It’s encouraging to hear I provided a means by which you could meditate on God’s grace and His attributes!

      Sorry for the confusion. The auto-notification that is sent when I publish a new post is both a notification and a greeting. Those greetings will change periodically so my valued subscribers don’t tune them out. 😉
      I will usually have a post or two that will relate back to that greeting in the notification, but not every post. Your feedback is valuable, and I will keep it in mind going forward. Thanks!

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