Enemy Intent – psalm of reminder for 2022

2022   –    Faith    –     Real Life    –    Real Joys    –    Real Hardships    –     Intertwined     –    REMEMBER:



the ENEMY comes


                    truth   whispering lies

distorting perceptions

parading counterfeit

masquerading importance

                     love    promoting falsehood

instilling fear

severing connection

hardening hearts

to KILL     

                  peace    pointing fingers

stirring suspicion

preserving pride

raising self-doubt

hope     punishing kindness

deceiving innocents

laughing coldly

teaching abandonment



                 good      oppressing weakness

oozing mockery

deceiving friendship

blatantly humiliating

life         suffocating desire

crushing spirits

murdering time

annihilating purpose

4 Comments on “Enemy Intent – psalm of reminder for 2022

  1. Well written! Don’t let he snare in! ♥️
    A great reminder we are stronger together!

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