Life In Psalm…Have You Noticed?

Have you noticed?

Amidst holiday scurry

Shopping a-flurry

Checking off lists

Wrapping the gifts

Have you noticed?

In the back of your mind

A nagging you find

An ache inside

A swelling tide

Have you noticed?

The need to sit down

And bow to the crown

On the glorious head

Of our Living Bread

Have you noticed?

Mention of His Name

Played in familiar carol’s refrain

In the shops around town

Melting away frowns

Have you noticed?

He is here.

He is near.

Our Jesus the King.

Peace on earth to bring.

Have you noticed?

His people rejoice

And lift up their voice

Grateful He came

The enemy to maim

Have you noticed?

The burden of the poor

Lifted by the doers

Of His love in action

Our grace reaction

Have you noticed?

Gleams in the eyes

Running for the prize

Of His favor and power

Enacted this hour

Have you noticed?

Behind the lights

Flashing bright

Beneath the noise

Of greed and toys

Have you noticed?

An empty space

A quiet place

To shut all that out

For focus that’s stout

Have you noticed?

What Jesus has done

The victory He’s won

Ignited by His birth

Sacrifice beyond our worth

Have you noticed?

Profound depths of love

Not just distant or above

But here and alive

Available to revive

Have you noticed?

Souls whose need is great

Despite fullness on their plate

Desperate for Good News

From an eternal view

Have you noticed?

The Good News is Jesus

Our Saviour who sees us

His blood shed to forgive

So that forever we can live

With Him

Because of Him

For Him

By HIm

In Him


Almighty God

Who risked it all

For our love to win

For our souls to save

Joy To The World

Our Lord Has Come



6 Comments on “Life In Psalm…Have You Noticed?

  1. Your words are so eloquent! I have noticed, but after reading this, I see that He is calling me to notice more ♥️

  2. Such an important reminder! Thank you for illuminating what can so easily be hidden in the background of a busy season, but what should ALWAYS take center stage! Love this post!

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